Senior MIF Tee (Youth)

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Just passed your Senior Moves in the Field test? Congrats - this is a major accomplish to pass all of your MIF levels! Celebrate with a Senior MIF Graphic Tee featuring the Serpentine Step Sequence, definitely one of the most challenging of all of the MIF patterns.

In the Senior Serpentine Sequence, the skater begins with a RFO3 followed by a LBO double three-turn. The free leg then crosses in front for a RBI. This edge is
followed by three clockwise toe steps and another cross in front RBI. Next the skater will step forward onto a LFO edge and perform a 21⁄2 revolution RFI twizzle, ending with a LBO cross stroke behind three-turn. This turn will initiate a series of quick mohawk turns followed by a quick LBI. Next is a RBI counter into a RFI rocker. The skater steps LBI then a step-wide into RBI rocker, RFI mohawk, LBI bracket sequence. The skater should then simultaneously cross behind and reverse arm position to do RFI bracket into RBO counter, followed by a LFO cross front, RFI cross behind. The final part of the sequence is an open RFI/closed LBO choctaw sequence followed immediately by a RFI counter, then push to LBI double twizzle, and finishes with a RBI loop. The focus is on edge quality and continuous flow.

• Available in Youth XS - L
• 100% polyester


Size guide

  XS S M L
Length (inches) 19 ¾ 20 ⅞ 22 ⅞ 24
Width (inches) 15 16 ⅛ 17 ⅜ 18 ⅞