~ how ColorFlow Skating came to life ~

ColorFlow Skating is a figure skating apparel & accessories brand, creating functional & confidence-boosting essentials based in San Francisco. We strive to uplift the skating community & bring joy + color on the ice and beyond!

All of our products are designed with love by me (Merrick!) and tested by our community on the ice always before launch. So often skaters can feel pressure and stress from the inherent nature of the sport, so our mission is to remind skaters of the happiness and love that brought us all to the ice in the first place.

We love skating, grew up competing and still skate today, continuing to learn so many life lessons from it. It's our responsibility to share this through our products and community initiatives. 

As a figure skater for over 25 years, my clothing always seemed to get in the way when I skated. During practice, I'd constantly have to adjust my leggings after every sit spin and re-tuck-in my top after doing a layback and pretty much any jump. At competitions, I'd be shivering cold on the ice in a teeny-tiny spaghetti strapped dress. No piece of performance figure skating apparel existed that would truly enhance my skating, so I decided to develop a second-skin that would. 

After many designs, samples, and feedback from skaters in the community, I created FlowSuits, a line of performance bodysuits for skaters, allowing for free-flowing & uninhibited movement, so we can feel comfortable, confident, and strong on the ice.

FlowSuits are made with love in California - designed by figure skaters & made for figure skaters. I hope wearing your FlowSuit brings you tons of comfort, confidence, and joy while skating.

The success of FlowSuits grew and the brand and mission of ColorFlow Skating really came alive and continues to through a variety of products designed with love - it’s beautiful! I started this company out of my deep passion for the sport. I care so much about the community at large and strive to give back and strengthen it for many years to come.

If you're based in the SF Bay Area, come say hi! I skate and coach at the Yerba Buena Ice Arena in San Francisco. 

xo Merrick

Founder & Figure Skater | ColorFlow Skating

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