Long Sleeve Raglan FlowSuit

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FlowSuits were created to be your second skin, enhancing your performance and comfort while skating. We hated worrying about our clothing moving out of place during practice: tugging on our leggings during sit spins, having to tuck in our shirts to keep them in place during jumps - no thank you! This highly technical one-piece is perfect for everyday practice or testing and allows you to flow on the ice effortlessly with power and grace. Stretch your arms tall, extend your spirals high — never again worry about your clothing getting in the way of your skating :)

Key Features:

  • Front zip for easy on and off
  • Smooth 2 inch waist band to keep your FlowSuit in perfect place, while giving you a sleek flattering look
  • Covered upper back and open lower back, so you can always wear any bra you’d like
  • High quality, sweat-wicking performance fabric to keep you the right temperature

FlowSuits are handmade with love in California - designed by skaters & made for skaters

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