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Prelim MIF Tee (Adult)

Prelim MIF Tee (Adult)

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Just passed your Prelim Moves in the Field test? Congrats! Celebrate with this Prelim MIF Graphic Tee featuring the Forward Power Three-Turn Sequence. 

In this sequence, the skater will perform forward outside three-turns to a balance position followed by a backward crossover. Three to six sets of three-turns will be skated depending on the length of the ice surface. Skaters may begin this move with either right or left foot three-turns. On the second length of the rink, the three-turns will be skated on the opposite foot. Introductory steps and backward crossovers around the end of the rink are optional.

• Available in Adult XS - L
• 100% polyester
• Made with moisture wicking technology

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